Evidence-based ingredients are at the heart of what we do.
Armed with scientific analysis of your skin, we create definite formulas and routines that are proven to deliver optimum results.
Klira Specials

The Klira Special is our prescription formula. And we’re very proud of it because we believe it’s the very best formula of its kind.

Each one is blended to ensure maximum absorption and efficacy, formulated with the essential trio of ‘ingredient’, ‘dose’ and ‘base’ : this is the power trilogy we live by.

We will deliver the ingredients in increasing concentrations every month. And due to our unique base delivery system you will experience far less of the problems that are normally associated with starting retinoids across every SkinSize, and every skin colour.
Key Ingredients
Emma Craythorne Klira Skin
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Recommending brands

All of the products we recommend in Klira routines are hand-picked by Dr Emma Craythorne, based on their proven ability to work with certain SkinSizes.

Our ethos is to put efficacy above all else, so we look for well-researched products that have been proven to the highest levels. 

Brands cannot pay to be featured in Klira routines, and we do not have any commercial obligations to the brands that we do feature. 

We use affiliate links to direct you to purchase the brands we recommend, meaning we do receive commission on sales made via Klira, but this a generic system that does not influence in any way the brands or products that are recommended.

We are always reviewing the newest evidence and brands to market, and Klira routine recommendations will change and evolve with not only the latest science, but what is right for your SkinSize depending on season, hormonal changes and environmental factors.