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Dermatologist prescribed custom-skincare that combines the most effective ingredients into one simple formula for your best ever skin


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  • Initial e-consultation: Derm team assessment and treatment plan following review of your SkinSize™ test, photos and medical questions. Upgrade to a video consultation – £60 in your first month and £100 thereafter
  • Klira Special formula: Bespoke treatment cream, freshly blended and delivered to your door each month
  • Curated recommendations: Ideal supporting routine for your SkinSize™
  • Dermatology Team support: At your fingertips to help optimise and evolve your routine over time

Your Klira Special is a treatment formula made for daily use, and consistency is key. As we evolve ingredient levels over time, continuous use is essential to maximise results.

Subscription ensures a freshly made refill arrives to your door every month in line with your plan.

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“My personalised skincare product arrived within days and the packaging is so easy to use, the product felt like it really penetrated the skin.”
Olivia, SkinSize /04
“As a woman over 40 with rosacea-prone skin, this product is a godsend.”
Emily, SkinSize /03
“My skin hasn’t looked this good in years… it’s really glowing and I haven’t had a single hormonal spot and I’m only 6 weeks in!”
Sophie, SkinSize /11
“I love the simplicity of the regime and the results have been great too. So exciting not to have to find time to exfoliate any more too!”
Laura, SkinSize /11
“Klira – you transformed my skin. Your product is outstanding. If in doubt, get in touch. I can promise you, you will never look back.”
Chloe, SkinSize /10
“Just 3 weeks, I now have zero spots, zero redness… and all I’ve done is follow the Klira routine. Thank you so much for such an amazing product that actually works.”
Caroline, SkinSize /04
“As an older person with very sensitive skin I have really appreciated the help and guidance given by Dr Emma and her kind team. Highly recommend.”
Sue, SkinSize /10

Great skin doesn’t just happen, it’s prescribed

Advanced Skin-typing. The Klira test analyses four areas: melanin, barrier, sebum, collagen and brings your results together to tell you your SkinSize™ – one of 12 advanced skin types. Read more
Custom Formulas. Each Klira Special is prescribed for you, and brings together the most effective ingredients working in synergy to deliver unparalleled results. Read more
The Derm Team. The Klira Derm Team are there to help you with your skin whenever you need. Read more

This is modern beauty

Dr Emma Craythorne explains how Klira works for you.

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Healthy skin is beautiful skin. There is so much waste and mis-selling in skincare. Formulas promising to do things that they objectively can’t.

Klira offers the medical view, together with the most well evidenced ingredients available. 

It’s an investment. Results don’t happen overnight. They take consistency and patience, and anyone who says otherwise is not being truthful.

But the rewards are there for those who want them. Healthy, clear, radiant skin that is the best it can be at any age.

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Recommending brands

All of the products we recommend in Klira routines are hand-picked by Dr Emma Craythorne, based on their proven ability to work with certain SkinSizes.

Our ethos is to put efficacy above all else, so we look for well-researched products that have been proven to the highest levels. 

Brands cannot pay to be featured in Klira routines, and we do not have any commercial obligations to the brands that we do feature. 

We use affiliate links to direct you to purchase the brands we recommend, meaning we do receive commission on sales made via Klira, but this a generic system that does not influence in any way the brands or products that are recommended.

We are always reviewing the newest evidence and brands to market, and Klira routine recommendations will change and evolve with not only the latest science, but what is right for your SkinSize depending on season, hormonal changes and environmental factors.