Emma Craythorne is a Consultant Dermatologist, Trustee for the Cosmetic Practice Standards Authority and ex-President of the British Cosmetic Dermatology Group.

Dr Emma is well known for her TV series – The Bad Skin Clinic – her renowned private practice, and NHS work.

The derm team

The Klira dermatology team are by your side, from the first skin analysis and selection of optimum ingredients for your Klira Special, to supporting you with your broader skin routine.

Contact them via email at [email protected]

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Why I set up Klira

Every day in my private practice I’m able to put together beautiful, bespoke prescription formulations for my patients. It’s not just about medical ingredients but also the best conditioning cosmeceutical ingredients, formulated together just for that individual. 

These are creams that I know will do the job they intend to do, and will be gorgeous to use. But I can’t see everybody! And that’s why I set up Klira…

Founder Team

It started with a question; ‘what will really work to make my skin look as good as possible’? That’s what Klira co-founder, Sophie Kerbegian, asked her friend & neighbour Emma Craythorne. From there they partnered to bring Klira to the world and give more people access to luxurious, bespoke skincare that really works.


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Recommending brands

All of the products we recommend in Klira routines are hand-picked by Dr Emma Craythorne, based on their proven ability to work with certain SkinSizes.

Our ethos is to put efficacy above all else, so we look for well-researched products that have been proven to the highest levels. 

Brands cannot pay to be featured in Klira routines, and we do not have any commercial obligations to the brands that we do feature. 

We use affiliate links to direct you to purchase the brands we recommend, meaning we do receive commission on sales made via Klira, but this a generic system that does not influence in any way the brands or products that are recommended.

We are always reviewing the newest evidence and brands to market, and Klira routine recommendations will change and evolve with not only the latest science, but what is right for your SkinSize depending on season, hormonal changes and environmental factors.