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EU retinol ban: does it affect your skincare?

You may have heard talk of the EU retinol ban and wondered what it means for your Klira Special. Rest assured, your Klira is safe!

Vitamin A is an amazing ingredient in topical skincare, but there’s often confusion around its different forms. Tretinoin (also known as Retinoic-Acid) is the gold standard of Vitamin A and has always been available only by prescription in the UK. It’s the most well-evidenced retinoid approved for the treatment of photodamage and acne, which in turn has many other skincare benefits. That’s why we use it in our Klira Specials.

Tretinoin changes how a cell functions by speeding up the turnover of older cells and encouraging newer skin cells to divide more rapidly, building up the layers of the epidermis and thickening it through cell proliferation at the top level. It also increases the production of hyaluronic acid, keeping the skin more plump. Additionally, it stimulates collagen production and importantly inhibits the breakdown of collagen. Tretinoin is also crucial in reducing inflammatory pathways in the skin that can contribute to acne and rosacea.

Ultimately, Tretinoin needs to be administered under the guidance of medical professionals. This is the team we have at Klira.

The EU retinol regulations target over-the-counter cosmeceutical retinol. While retinol is not as powerful as Tretinoin, incorrect use of the product can cause damage and irritation to the skin. The EU’s new regulations are aimed at ensuring consumers do not have access to an ingredient that can cause undue risk without medical guidance. We welcome these regulations. Too often, we have new customers coming to us with damaged skin barriers due to the incorrect use of products and following trends.

At Klira, we’re serious about your skin and feel passionately about having medical professionals who can navigate the best ingredients for you. Unlike off-the-shelf skincare, your Klira Special formula is carefully dosed and controlled by our team of Dermatologists to ensure your skin receives the most optimised ingredients bespoke to your skin’s needs.

Dr. Emma Craythorne